DPReview Announces Return with Gear Patrol Acquisition from Amazon


Too often it seems like we’re bringing news about one thing closing or shifting gears and, rarely, do we have a comeback tale like today’s yarn.

a table topped with lots of different types of cameras
A table topped with lots of different types of cameras. Photo by Christian Mackie

You might recall that DPReview announced its closure some time ago and it was a huge blow to the community.

But we’ve got some great news today and, as the headline states, DPReview is back and under Gear Patrol’s ownership after the group acquired the legendary website from previous owner Amazon.

And the best news of all is that it promises to keep the same team readers came to know before. That said, there will be substantial synthesis with the new ownership.

“Gear Patrol is at its heart a brand focused on helping people find the best products for their needs, so they are a strong supporter of DPReview’s core mission of enabling anyone to tap into their creativity by breaking down the complexities of gear, technology, processes, and techniques used for creating photos, videos, and mixed media. Looking ahead, our vision is to provide an unparalleled combination of inspiration, insight, education, and community that unlocks and amplifies our customers’ potential to create.”

Users really shouldn’t expect many major changes, however, and the press release basically outlines how the biggest change starting today is that users of DPReview will be under Gear Patrol’s Terms of Service rather than the previous regime. Other than that, nothing else will change. Of course, if someone wants to get rid of their account, they say that can be done.

You can check out the full release here over on DPReview.

Any thoughts you might have on the return of DPReview are welcome in the comments below.

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