End of an Era? Canon 7D Cancelled According to Rumors


It might be the end of an era for Canon’s 7D line of cameras.

Canon Rumors reports that the 7D model line will join the 5DS and 5DS R and go the way of history as the company sharpens its focus on filling in the gaps with replacement models.

Image via Official Canon Shop, USA.

As PetaPixels points out, because the “semi-professional 7D and 7D Mark II are top-of-the-line APS-C crop sensor DSLRs, the question is naturally whether Canon is planning to expand its EOS R system, which currently only features full-frame cameras (the EOS R and EOS RP), into APS-C bodies.”

The 7D Mark II hasn’t really been with us that long, first debuting in 2014, and is a pretty powerful piece of kit for what you spend.

But, as with any product cancellation, you have to wonder whether or not the demand was actually there. Companies don’t tend to eliminate lines that make money.

Yet Canon Rumors says that retailers do make money from the 7D.

“We have been told that a few dealers and distributors are a bit worried about what Canon has in store for the replacement to the popular EOS 7D Mark II, as those buyers also buy lenses, more than EOS 80D buyers do,” the website adds

Canon Rumors also reports that the EOS R camera that would take the place of the 7D would use the RF mount for “speed and accuracy.”

Everything is expected to become a lot clearer as the year goes on according to Canon who has promised its retail networks a product roadmap that will fill outline planned replacements for cancelled lines.

Do you own the Canon 7D? Was it something you were considering? Does this cancellation really mean anything? As always we’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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I own an original 7D and 6 different lens. I have been waiting for the 7D III for an update. I want a newer camera but now am at a loss.

I use the 7d Mk2 heavily for nature and animals in environments where the extra proofing is required regarding dust and dampness and the extra toughness is appreciated when on the road. I am also heavily invested in EF-L lenses.

The mirrorless bodies that could possibly replace a 7d are not really a better option sizewise if you use them with an adaptor for the EF lenses and the battery life is quite poor compared to the dslrs. Where I am going, I would rather like a 7diii with 27 or 30 megapixels than any mirrorless APS-C.

If a follow-up 80d would beef up the weather sealing, use the same batteries and offer the same fast AF as the 7d2 – with 27-30mp – I would be first in line to get one……..

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