Enormous Black Friday Discounts on These Photography Courses and Guides


Last year saw a record-breaking spending by online shoppers on Black Friday and Thanksgiving. This year is going to be no different, as the craziness over amazing deals and offers goes through the roof. There’s a lot on offer for photographers too!
We have put together a list of some excellent deals on photography courses, guides and presets that are offering you enormous Black Friday discounts. These cover a really wide range of photography topics and we seriously believe there will be something for everyone here. Do check them out!
If you have been waiting to grab one but haven’t already, wait no longer as these deals might be gone soon. Happy photographing!

1. Manual Mode Video Course (61% off)

manual-mode-bfThis video course will teach you the secrets of shooting in manual mode. If you feel that the auto mode just doesn’t cut it, and if you want to take full control over the photography process, this course will teach you everything you need to know. Take this course and get the most out of your camera! » Go here now to take a look 

2. The Photography Tutorial eBook (60% off)

photoebook-bfThis eBook contains over 250-pages of in-depth photography tips and techniques to take better photos. From camera settings and gear info to composition and lighting techniques, you can find tons of practical advice to help you while shooting. There are tutorials on photo editing too. » Go here now to take a look 

3. More Brides (30% off)

more-brides-bfAs one of its testimonial reads, “More Brides is the marketing bible for wedding photographers.” It is 190+ pages of powerful tactics to accelerate your wedding booking requests. If you’re into wedding photography business, this guide will prove to be immensely helpful to you in growing your business. (Use coupon code ‘black2016‘ at checkout) » Go here now to take a look 

4. Mastering Shutter Speed (50% off)

master-shutter-speed-bfThis 6-week guided photography course focuses on four areas to help you become a better photographer: creativity, inspiration, know-how and feedback. You are provided new lessons every week and photo assignments that are evaluated and given feedback from instructors and fellow students. » Go here now to take a look

5. Hacking Photography eBook (50% off)

The best beginner photography ebook ever! This 71 page ebook teaches all the quickest tips and tricks to master your camera and create excellent images, all within 10 days!  Each lesson has a new assignment to put what you learned into practice right away. » Go here now to take a look

6. Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course (90% off)

easy-dslr-bfFor a beginner in photography, a new DSLR camera can often be overwhelming with its technical details and settings. This video course helps such beginners by taking them through concepts like DSLR basics, composition, exposure and much more. Do check it out if you've recently got a DSLR camera or are getting one soon! » Go here now to take a look

7. Photography Unlocked (95% off)

Josh Dunlop is a talented self taught photographer. His simple photography ebook condenses down the basis of everything he learned about cameras, and using composition to take better photos, into a fun and easy read.  If you’ve EVER fumbled around with the settings on your camera… unsure what to do next… this training is for you. This is one of the hottest selling photography books on the Internet, don’t miss out on this deal.  » Go here now to take a look

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