Feb Photo Competition Ending: Get In Now! (Spirit of the Earth)


This is just a quick blog post to let you know that our first monthly photo competition, Spirit of the Earth, is ending in less than two days (with the end of the month).

If you want to get in and make sure that your entries are accounted for, then it's probably best to do so now. You can enter here.

entry by Pat Garret (Join her here)

So far, there have been some amazing photographs submitted, but there have also been a few surprises in terms of the leaderboards for The People's Choice Award.

That basically means things are wide open for you if you're looking to win one of the prizes.

What are the prizes?

The grand prize winner will win $250 cash this month, which is being judged by professional photographer Jason Row.

The People's Choice winner will get one hundred dollars to spend in the Light Stalking store on courses or blueprints, etc.

Both of those awards will be finalised and announced in the first week of February.

entry by Michael (Join him here)

And perhaps more importantly, everybody who signs up to enter the competition also gets a lot of support as they can download our related weekly Projects as well as many of our Blueprints and the like. You can find the full details here.

The response on the forums has been fantastic and extremely collegiate, so we would love to have you join us for this fun and the prize as we work towards improving photography together.

You can jump in and see the Spirit of the Earth competition here.

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