Getty Images Announces Plan to Go Public on the Stock Market


Getty Images is shooting for the stars as the company is going public on the US stock market under the ticker symbol GETY.

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The announcement is a sign of just how prosperous that business model can be as well as a gauge of how much high-quality media assets are prized by the market.

Citing the company’s “data-driven” business model in addition to its wealth of media assets, Getty executives noted that the platform appeals to both major corporations as well as small indie outfits. In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for digital assets whether you’re Ogilvy or a freelancer.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters said of going public, “Businesses need to be in more places than ever before, and those places are more visual than ever before with increased emphasis on video. Today, people and businesses turn to Getty Images to convey their story. We are there for them whether they are a content creator trying to stand out on social media, a small business trying to reach new customers, or a Fortune 500 company. No matter who you are, or what your needs are, Getty Images offers a solution to help cut through the noise, grab attention, and create long-lasting connections.”

One of the major advantages of going public is that it will allow Getty to leverage their current strengths to build out new capacity. According to the “Transaction Overview” portion of the announcement, this move values Getty Images at a whopping $USD 4.8 billion though traders will likely have something to say about that once it is available on the market.

What do you think of Getty’s plan to go public? Do you sell images on Getty? Let us know your opinions on the company’s latest pivot in the comments below.

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