Good News from the FAA: Online Remote ID Training for Drone Pilots Starts April 6


We’ve got some good news from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels.

After multiple delays, online remote ID training is set to start on April 6th.

DP Review reports that the online testing will make it easier for drone pilots to not only get it out of the way initially but also when recertification comes around, saving pilots some $USD 150 in costs to retake the test at a facility every 24 months. The website reports that this, in addition to training materials costing anywhere from $USD 100 to $USD 200, can make the requirement pretty expensive for drone pilots but, with a new online system and free training materials, that burden should be much lighter going forward.

The FAA explained the reasoning for remote ID requirements in December 2020, writing:

“The remote identification of unmanned aircraft is necessary to ensure public safety and the safety and efficiency of the airspace of the United States. Remote identification provides airspace awareness to the FAA, national security agencies, law enforcement entities, and other government officials. The information can be used to distinguish compliant airspace users from those potentially posing a safety or security risk. Remote identification will become increasingly important as the number of unmanned aircraft operations increases in all classes of airspace in the United States. While remote identification capability alone will not enable routine expanded operations, such as operations over people or beyond visual line of sight, it is the next incremental step toward enabling those operations.”

As we’ve reported here over the years, registration and training systems like the one rolled out by the FAA were pretty much a foregone conclusion – especially with how much chaos some drone pilots were causing, accidentally or on purpose, around the world.

You can check out the free training materials at this link.

Do you still need to complete your remote ID training? Will you take advantage of the online certification process? Let us know your thoughts on the FAA’s moving this online starting April 6 in the comments below.

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