Instagram Account Seeks to Shame People Who Take Destructive Pictures on Public Lands


Stories of Instagrammers trampling public lands are becoming more common.

So, too, are the Instagram accounts dedicated to stopping this activity.

photo by athena kavis
Photo by Athena Kavis

A lot of this stems from the fact that some of these nature preserves are delicate in structure and require a certain balance to maintain their appeal. Having hordes of Instagram tourists flooding these areas and trampling all over them like a local subway station has less than a positive, and often a deleterious, effect.

That’s why the account PublicLandsHateYou was created.

This Instagram account hopes to draw attention to bad practices and encourage more conscientious, self-aware behavior on the parts of Instagrammers everywhere.

Because, really, most of this is done out of ignorance, not malice.

The recent story we brought you about the poppy fields in California really highlights the need for this kind of account, too (you can check that story out by clicking here).

That said, it seems like a lot of Instagrammers are aware of the effect their bad behavior is having on these places and they either don’t care or don’t think they’re part of the problem.

Particularly, PublicLandsHateYou is going to focus on shaming “influencers” in the hopes that correcting the bad behavior of someone with such a large following will have a broader effect than targeting individual accounts.

In a broader sense, having some sort of situational awareness probably wouldn’t be a bad thing for most Instagrammers. There’s no need to destroy public lands or put yourself in physical danger for a picture on social media.

You can check out PublicLandsHateYou's Instagram account by clicking here.

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