The 45 Landscape Photography Competition Finalists


Well the Landscape photography competition has closed and now the judge, Harold Davis has been locked in a dark and gloomy room, cut off from the world while he makes his final decision on which photographs will make it into the top 3.

Of course, the top 3 entries will get a copy of Harold's latest book, Creative Landscapes which is already going wild on Amazon with an average customer review of 5 stars!

Photo by Bailey Zindel on Unsplash

Before we locked him away, we received this email from Harold:

There were 366 images in the Light Stalking group tagged for the competition, many of them extremely strong, so judging them turns out to be no trivial task. You've got quite a group of photographers following LightStalking!

I looked at the photos with creativity, technical qualities including exposure and composition, uniqueness, originality, and interest of the landscape as the judging criteria. At this point, I have whittled the original entries down to 45 images in the following three Flickr galleries. (The reason for three galleries is that there is a maximum of 18 images per gallery on Flickr.)

I will pick the three top images (in my opinion) from these galleries by the end of the week, along with an explanation of my choices. Of course, I think all these images are very strong.

In the meantime, perhaps you'd like to point people to the galleries? Only an idea. I think many of these photos are quite wonderful.


Very best wishes in photography,


Why not head over to the galleries and get loud in the comments? Harold might need a little help!

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Well I am a amateur and mine made it into the finals ( not that I have any hopes in winning) but it feels good and makes me want to go on shooting. Maybe one day I could win. (wishful thinking never heart any one.)
Keep at it. my friend.

Didn’t make it as a finalist, but after looking at these images I still have much visual work to do!! Those are some truly amazing images!! Congrats to all the finalists.

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