iPhone Mount from Rode Adds Professional Touch to Popular Device


There’s no doubt that smartphone photography has come a long way.

black dslr camera beside black and silver scissors
Black dslr camera beside black and silver scissors. Photo by Anshuman Gaikwad

And even with AI threatening to put us all out to pasture, there’s still a demand for authentic content. Heck, even implementing AI directly in Instagram probably won’t change the desire for most of us to actually put out real content.

But as popular as smartphones are, the ecosystem is still lacking somewhat when it comes to peripherals and accessories. Sure, there are options, yet they don’t really compare when you look at pro-grade materials. Rode is looking to change all of that with a $USD 90 MagSafe mount that can handle professional-grade accessories like lights and microphones.

Of course, it goes without saying that you can use this with any smartphone brand but Engadget particularly highlighted the use cases with Apple products in its article. Two adjustable cold shoe arms give you the option for landscape or portrait capture.

For those of us who need something even more capable, there’s the big brother of this iteration which comes with no fewer than 5 cold shoe mounts with the ability to use tripods and handles. Billed as everything someone could need to make films, the “Cage” comes in at $USD 120.

Both start shipping April 24 and are part of Rode’s overall plan to put out more high-quality, highly capable accessories out there for the growing smartphone market. As Engadget reports, part of this new focus on content creators comes on the heels of Rode’s acquisition of rival firm Mackie, a maker of audio accessories.

Do you own any smartphone accessories for photography? Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments.

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