Man Makes Leap of Faith to Save Drone from Watery Grave


We all have stories of some of the crazy (and stupid) stuff we’ve done to save some precious, often expensive piece of gear that was in imminent danger of permanent damage but this story from drone pilot Dave Svorking takes the cake – at least as far as this humble blogger's opinion is concerned.

As you can probably guess, a day out with his drone almost went sideways when the DJI unit began losing power over a body of water.

To prevent catastrophe, many drones are set to automatically land when they detect their power reserves are running low, as is the case with Svorking’s DJI drone.

Image via Kirill Belotserkovsky from

Unfortunately, while this feature is all in the best interests of safety, it sometimes doesn’t always choose the best location for the drone to land – like in the middle of a large body of water, as in Dave Svorking’s video.

Not only did the drone capture the whole rescue on video but also showed Dave Svorking running like his life depend on it to do it.

You can follow our hapless drone pilot chase down the unit, running along the lake, and then diving in without hesitation, pushing his way past ducks and into the leg deep then waist deep water.

He then swims out into the water and positions himself directly underneath his drone as it lands itself in the middle of the lake. The rescue is all quite epic and serves as a reminder of why drones (and drone photography) is so fun.

Back in the day you would have had to own some serious equipment to get this kind of Hollywood-style action. Now all you need is a DJI drone and you too can capture epic angles and the action that makes everyday life exciting.

You can view the full video here on YouTube.

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