Meta Unleashes Twitter Competitor Threads on the World


It looks like we just got another way to let the world know our innermost thoughts or, at least, promote our latest pictures.

turned on gold iphone 6
Turned on gold iPhone 6 showing social media apps. Photo by Sara Kurfeß

After a long wait for some, the much-anticipated Meta competitor to Twitter, Threads, dropped today and is already proving a hit, particularly among those that are somewhat disaffected with Elon Musk’s social media platform.

Of course, the easy integration with Instagram probably doesn’t hurt anything. It takes no time at all to get your account up and running. This fact alone subtly promises a big debut for Threads but we will wait to hear officially from Meta. 

As for the app itself, Threads is an interesting mix of Instagram and Twitter which is itself somewhat like Instagram. You might recall when we covered Twitter’s addition of full-resolution photos, among other updates, that helped bring that platform more in line with Zuckerberg’s crown jewel. Everything old is new again or something along those lines. Or perhaps it is just the alternative option that has many people flocking to Threads. 

Meta has big plans for Threads, too, with a future projection of 1 billion plus members and those numbers are straight from Mark Zuckerberg’s own mouth. He also commented that Twitter had this potential but has flagged because of execution issues or, in his words, they “haven’t nailed it.” 

One differentiating factor that Meta hopes to foster is a positive atmosphere on Threads in contrast to what some see as a more negative space over on Twitter. Whether or not Meta can scale remains to be seen.  

Any thoughts you might have on yet another social media app joining the fray, let us know in the comments below. 

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