Mobile Video Fans Rejoice! JOBY Shows Off New GripTight PRO Telepod


When you create content for a living, you try your best to keep up with the latest trends in the art.

And when accessories are involved, you sometimes might just want to tap out from the game all together.

Thankfully, most accessories make life easier rather than harder, and JOBY’s offerings aimed at content creators and social media marketers are perfectly designed for ease of use and creating dynamic, next-level shots.

The race to keep content frazzled creators satisfied is never ending but that hasn’t stopped JOBY from pushing the envelope with its smartphone accessories.

The GripTight PRO Telepod from JOBY is intentionally targeted at the YouTubers and Instagrammers of the world and boasts a telescoping tripod perfect for capturing optimal and masterful smartphone videos.
The Phoblographer calls it a merger of a traditional tripod and a selfie stick, an apt description, but “not nearly as awkward” as it sounds.

Image via JOBY.

Selfie sticks, while greatly maligned in the general consensus, are one of the more influential accessories to come to the market for casual photography in sometime.

The ubiquity of these devices has created a new genre of photograph, the selfie, and has expanded the capabilities of casual photographers so that they can capture more dynamic shots than ever before.

There four different modes of use for the GripTight PRO Telepod: Hand Grip, Extended Grip, Elevated Tripod, and Tabletop Tripod. Each mode is optimized for capturing video, whether livestream, regular video, 360 degree shots as well as easy upward rotation for Instagram and Periscope or whatever your platform of choice may be.

The innovative GripTight PRO joins JOBY’s other new product offerings aimed at video content creators, the Gorillapod Mobile Rig.

If you’re interested in making a purchase, the new GripTight PRO will retail for $USD 99 and is available over at the corporate website,

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