Moose Kills Photographer Capturing Pictures of Calves


An absolute tragedy unfolded in Alaska when a photographer attempting to capture pictures of newborn Moose calves was killed by the mother.

northern lights
Northern lights. Photo by McKayla Crump

Of course, anyone who knows anything about moose knows that they are aggressive where their children are concerned.

The victim, 70-year-old Dale Chorman, was attacked along with a friend who escaped unscathed while Chorman was kicked by the animal, the Alaska News Source reports.

Chorman’s son, Nathan, was quoted about the attack in a statement, writing, “She was just protecting her offspring… Dale had remarked the previous day that the brush was particularly thick this year — thick enough to get closer than intended, and surprise a wild animal by accident. …This was not a hapless fool stumbling into danger — this was a person who went out looking for a great photo, knowing the risks, and got caught in a dangerous moment.”

We cover accidents here quite often and more often than not they are traced back to a lack of situational awareness. That doesn’t seem to be the case here as outlined by the victim’s son above but, nonetheless, it is good to take a moment to remind ourselves that it helps to keep your wits about you when out in the field. Whether that means avoiding situations involving wild animals or knowing about environmental hazards, keeping alert about what could possibly happen to and around you is probably some of the best advice we can give in this area. Oh, and avoid taking selfies it seems, as they are some of the deadliest stories we cover here on this blog.

Any thoughts you might have on this tragedy are welcome in the comments.

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