Neil Armstrong on the Moon and 2,400 Lunar Photos Up for Auction


Do you want to own a piece of space exploration history?

Photo by Peter de Vink from Pexels.

Christie’s is auctioning off a collection of 2,400 vintage photographs, representing one of the largest collections of NASA pictures ever, and many of which were never seen by the public outside of the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston.

The auction, “Voyage To Another World: The Victor Martin-Malburet Photograph Collection,” Part I of which will be open for online bidding from November 6th to the 19th. The second auction, “Voyage To Another World Part II will open for bidding November 6th to the 20th. Photographs span the “golden age” of space exploration for NASA including the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo programs.

From Christie’s website:

“Tracing the artistic heritage of the Apollo Missions and Golden Age of space exploration, the Victor Martin-Malburet collection comprises over 2,400 photographs arranged chronologically across 700 lots. Through their cameras the astronauts, turned artists, were able to convey to humanity the beauty and profundity of their experiences, forever changing the way we see our place in the Universe.

Many of the montaged panoramas give us a sense of what it felt to stand on another planetary body and admire the stark lonely beauty of the view, other photographs are unreleased rarities that may only be known in a handful of extant prints. Meticulous research including radio snippets from the missions and contemporary press coverage deepens the story of the Golden Age of space exploration, as told by both the astronauts and billions of observers on Earth. The accompanying pdf catalogue establishes the connection between the photographs and mission transcripts.”

You can check out the collections yourself at this link.

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