Netflix Show “Love is Blind” Reportedly Looking for an Unpaid Photographer to Cover Weddings


Someone might be able to win the “exposure” lottery if they play their cards right with the team behind the Netflix show “Love is Blind” reports indicate.

Photo by Tae Fuller from Pexels.

Of course, as many of us are aware, promises of “exposure” are given out at everything from a friend’s wedding to other major events, let alone a major production like a Netflix television show. With such rare opportunities to work for free, it’s a wonder we’re even reporting on an open position at this point.

All kidding aside, reports indicate that another major media outlet is making the blunder of devaluing photography while simultaneously seeking top talent, albeit unpaid.

So, as far as the show goes, it is some kind of dating reality thing. The gig would involve shooting no less than five weddings over five consecutive days (kill us now). One photographer contacted, photographer Megan Saul, was told that the gig would be unpaid but that their work would be used for promotions and in major publications.

You can view what Saul received at this link.

As she outlines in her Facebook post responding to the offer wherein she discusses the costs she would incur: “My camera gear ($35k+ and any rentals I may need), my team (bare minimum $500/day), insurance ($2000 a year but likely would need additional coverage for something like this), my attorney (because someone is going to need to look over the contracts), my editing time, my computer, my gas every day, food, and gosh I’m sure I can think of plenty more expenses that go in to what I do.”

And her conclusion where she asks that Netflix consider that people need to make a fair wage:
“Bottom line, this is offensive. Pay your contractors. Pay artists. Pay people a fair wage. If you profit on something like all these big corporations are then pay at least something. It’s insulting and degrading.

Additionally, the sad reality here is that someone will work for free because it is an opportunity. You may meet some people but just know I know and now the internet does too. It really just makes you wonder how many of their contractors are unpaid that they are profiting off of. Know your worth.”

It is important to note that Netflix did not contact Saul directly but rather a representative from Kinetic Content who produces the show.

She notes, “However, Netflix is the one supporting the show and their values. They shouldn’t support free work that they will profit on by using images from an unpaid gig.”

What do you think of Kinetic Content’s offer? Have you received similar requests? What is your response to such proposals? What do you think of Saul’s response? Let us know your thoughts in the comments if you like.

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