Nikon Addresses Rumors of F-Mount Cancellation


Nothing causes a stir on the Internet like a hot rumor.

letter F signage
Letter F signage on pink background. Photo by Nik

And that’s why it’s probably best to be skeptical of most of them.

Indeed, many veterans of this space have developed a healthy enough sense of skepticism that it inoculates them against some of the more outlandish tales out there.

The problem is, when the rumor involves a noticeable trend and a dreaded fear at the same time, the plausibility meter tends to overtake the deniability factor resulting in things like “Nikon isn’t going to make F-mount products anymore.”

Thankfully, as you can probably already tell, Nikon has debunked that – and strongly so – but that didn’t stop all of this from growing to such a level.

You see, we’ve reported on nothing but shrinking product lines and a move away from nearly everything we know and love. This rumor touches on that. When you add a dash of Nikon or Canon into the mix, things go from “ridiculous” to “sounds about right.”

The company told PetaPixel about the future of F-mount products: “We cannot comment on rumors written on external websites. Nikon is continuing the production, sales and service of F-mount products.”

So, a rejection of the sentiment but also a somewhat sterile statement and one couched in corporate speak – ie, we’ve been here before right as something was about to be canceled. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen in this case, just that previous history has played out this way sometimes.

Do you use Nikon F-mount products? Let us know your thoughts on the line and Nikon in general in the comments.

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