Looks Like Nikon Is Going After Sony’s A7 III With Its New Mirrorless System


Nikon’s rumored full-frame mirrorless professional camera system is benchmarking Sony’s A7 III and its competitive $USD 2000 price tag according to rumors that slate the debut for such a monumental piece of gear for this year’s Photokina in Germany, September 2018.

No doubt Nikon’s premiering of such a product is much-anticipated by Nikon fans but analysts are beginning to wonder if the company can really bring the heat against Sony in a segment that it has done quite well in for some time.

Image via Pdro Khuana from Pexels.com.

Nikon Rumors has indicated that the camera will use a new “Z” mount with a 24MP full-frame sensor and it should debut alongside two lenses with new lenses coming 6 months after the camera’s release.

There is even talk of an adaptor to allow current Nikon users to use F-mount equipment on the new Nikon camera in what the Phoblographer bills as a way to make any transition to the system easier for longtime fans.

What has analysts speculating is to what extent the new Nikon camera will be on par with its rumored benchmark, the Sony A7 III. Sony has had quite some time to perfect its camera system and it is in the small details that Sony may have an initial edge over the new gear from Nikon.

As the Phoblographer points out, Sony has really honed its battery life for the A7 III and the camera features facial tracking, among other features, that Nikon lacks.

Where the camera will really rise or fall is potentially in how useful the F-mount adapter they are making for it is. If it really allows for parity between systems then the new camera from Nikon is really not a difficult decision for current Nikon users and may eventually sway Sony stalwarts over to the new system.

If any of the rumors are correct, this year’s Photokina is going to be amazing in terms of product introduced.

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