Nikon Offers $100 Bonus Credit Towards a Z5 with Trade-In Program


Nikon is introducing a pretty aggressive promotional program to get more Z5’s in the hands of consumers that want one.

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Photo by Nikon Z5 from Nikon.

Not only is it allowing you to trade in a camera towards a new model but Nikon is also giving a $USD 100 credit on top of the value of the one you send them.

This offer is good for people that preordered the camera as well and will run for one month following the official release date of the Nikon Z5 on August 27, 2020.

And, yes, it is any camera or, as the Nikon website states, “We’ll accept any camera in working condition—DSLR, SLR, point and shoot, action, film or other for trade-in. It just has to be working.”

If you want to get a Nikon other than the Z5 you can do that but you don’t get the $USD 100 bonus.

Also, you can only trade in one camera for credit towards another, “You may trade-in one working camera for each eligible Z series camera purchased. Multiple trade-ins cannot be applied to a single Z series camera purchase.”

Refunds will be pretty quick with Nikon promising a 5-day turnaround upon receipt of the camera and subsequent evaluation. As for how they will evaluate the value of your camera, the Nikon website states upfront that there isn’t a “bluebook” for assessing the value of used cameras like there is for cars. That said, users will be able to rate the condition of their model according to the “excellent,” “good,” and “poor” designators.

There’s a detailed FAQ over on the Nikon website for you to review if you are interested in the program.

What do you think of this trade-in program for the Z5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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