No More Artistic Nudity on Twitch


This story ended in the way many people would have predicted.

space gray iPhone X smartphone turned on
Space gray iPhone X smartphone turned on showing Twitch logo. Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

But we have to give Twitch some credit for at least trying.

You see, the topic of nudity is a sensitive one, whether in photography or videography. And with the advent of streaming services, this sensitivity is a little bit more heightened given that many social media channels are also some of the world’s largest advertising markets.

In other words, the line between tasteful photography and pornography might be a little too blurred for most paying advertisers thus anything that could be construed as the latter needs to be absolutely banned if you are to keep the revenue flowing. 

Twitch, it seems, has revisited its recent “artistic nudity” foray and is now reversing course, citing community concerns, according to The Verge

This policy won’t just extend to human-generated nudity, either. As The Verge reports in detail, a lot of debate has centered around AI-generated nudity and specific forms this might take. None of them have survived this new policy, of course, and it’s not hard to blame Twitch given that all of this is relatively untested territory in general. 

Twitch users seemed to pick up on this almost immediately and began testing the absolute limits of Twitch’s new policy with everything from nude avatars to everything in between. Almost proving the maxim that we “just can’t have nice things,” Twitch has made sure that its platform will never be confused with one providing a space for nudity of almost any kind whatsoever. That means no actual nudity, generated nudity, or even things like “disrobing” or dancing that could allude to nudity. 

Any thoughts you might have on Twitch’s aborted artistic nudity policy are welcome in the comments.

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