Oppo Adds Hasselblad Branding to Smartphones


Camera manufacturers have put their branding on multiple efforts over the years, not least among them being smartphones.

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One of the more prominent companies we’ve covered in this area, and mainly because of some controversies it found itself embroiled in a few years back, is Leica but we also brought you a report of OnePlus’s partnership with Swedish brand Hasselblad.

Now, Oppo is joining the Hasselblad club and partnering up with the company to add its technology to their smartphones.

From a press release announcing the move:

“Since the integration of OPPO and OnePlus, research and development resources between the brands have been combined to maximize efficiency and improve user experience. With the imaging advances made in the partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad, OPPO is excited to elevate the strategic partnership to the corporate level for both the OPPO and OnePlus brands.”

“Following the success of OnePlus and Hasselblad’s collaboration in the past year, we are very pleased to see the partnership enter a new stage of development, giving more users around the world a chance to enjoy the legendary Hasselblad mobile imaging experience… Camera color performance has always been a focus for OPPO and a part of Hasselblad’s DNA. We are very excited to be able to explore the future of Hasselblad Camera for Mobile together,” Chief Product Officer Pete Lau commented.

Sounds like a pretty good deal for Oppo to us. The only question we have is how much of an impact branding makes on smartphone purchasing decisions but, as with most things name brand, it probably doesn’t hurt.

Does camera manufacturer branding impact your decision to buy a smartphone? Let us know your thoughts on this move by Oppo and Hasselblad in the comments below.

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