Out of This World: The NEW Samsung Galaxy S10

By Kehl Bayern / February 21, 2019

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Samsung’s folding smartphone wonder might have stolen some of the next Galaxy flagship’s thunder but the new S10 is more than capable of standing out on its own.

Alongside their pretty cool new folding phone, the aptly named Galaxy Fold, Samsung also showed off the next-gen Galaxy S10 which, aside from some huge hardware upgrades, sports a design aesthetic that eliminates all of the bumps and ridges that mark previous models.

The design language, called “Infinity Zero” according to Wired, is shared between the regular sized Galaxy S10 with a 6.1 inch AMOLED screen and the larger Galaxy S10 Plus with a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen. Interestingly, Samsung will also have a more budget-minded model called the Galaxy S10e.

Prices for the lowest end headset, the S10e, will begin at $USD 750 while the most expensive models will be $USD 1000 plus.

All phones will include 128 GB of storage which is a considerable amount of standard storage.

The front of the standard model is also a screen and has a front camera while the larger model has that plus a RGB camera. In terms of security, you can unlock the phone via the screen using touch identification.

All of the Galaxy S10 family will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors Google Android 9 Pie OS.

Battery life is promised to be quite large but that’s not really the highlight of the new S10. Interestingly, the S10 family will have a feature to transform the phone into a wireless charging station via the Qi standard. This means that phones can share battery power with one charging off of another in the so-called PowerShare mode. This is especially convenient if you have Samsung’s Galaxy Buds which can be wirelessly recharged on the back of the S10.

Cameras are bolstered by bespoke AI features as well as improved image stabilization for videos. The front camera takes 10MP pics and 4K video while the rear camera takes 12MP photos and ultra-wide shots.

You can watch the Samsung Galaxy S10 reveal trailer here on YouTube.


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