Peak Design Launches Marketplace for Buying and Exchanging Company’s Gear


An online forum for trading and selling camera gear is not a novel idea by any stretch.

Photo by Allan So from Pexels.

But Peak Design’s latest innovation is pretty interesting in its own regard.

The company known for guaranteeing its products for life regardless of the owner is opening up its own used goods marketplace for fans to use.

From the website page announcing the new service:

“No middle-men. No repackaging. No unnecessary shipments. Sell and ship your pre-owned gear directly to the next owner. Your carbon footprint will thank you.

Like the rest of Peak Design, all sales on the PD Marketplace are 100% carbon neutral.”

So, how does it work? The process is apparently really simple.

First, you’ll need to register your Peak Design product on the website. Second, you will want to take some pictures of the product to use in your listing for it as a tradeable or for sale item. Once it sells on the website, Peak Design will send you a shipping label that you use to then send it on to the customer. It sounds like a pretty simple and straightforward process.

Of course, we’ve covered stories in the past about how things like this can go awry. It’ll be interesting to see what Peak Design is going to do to prevent any kind of shady activity on their marketplace.

What do you think of Peak Design’s plans to launch their own marketplace for buying and exchanging used gear? Is this a good idea? Do you think it could possibly catch on with other manufacturers? Let us know your opinion on Peak Design’s concept in the comments below.

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