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This weeks list features a hand-selected collection of links to tutorials, special features, great photography and an interesting blog post, all carefully selected by Toad Hollow Photography.  A wide variety of topics are covered here this week, and we truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

AZ Tower Brno


A Quick Introduction to Shooting with a Tilt-Shift Lens – a terrific piece that discusses the application and theory behind converging verticals in architectural photography, and how a tilt-shift lens can alleviate this situation.  A sample image is included in the piece to illustrate the concept, and a short video shows you a lens in action and the effects.  This reveals some of the magic behind the concept of this lens family.

Lighting a Portrait With Lindsay Adler – this is a great yet brief primer on how a fashion photographer lights a model to achieve consistent and amazing results.  A short 3 minute video tutorial is included in the post which is just a section of a larger presentation, but the ability to see how the lighting is applied and the effects it has on the photographs is very interesting and informative.

Learn How to Instantly Remove Color Casts in Photoshop – Jimmy McIntyre does a great job of showing a quick trick designed to remove undesired color casting from an image.  This video tutorial is just over a minute in length, and for those who use Photoshop in post-production it illustrates how to use a very powerful built-in function with great results.

The Best Times of Day to Use Natural Light For Your Photos – there are some really well thought-out and practical tips in this post discussing different times of day and the light that is present at those times.  While none of the concepts in this article may be earth-shattering, there are some great overall considerations that can really help you take control of your lighting environment in terms of using natural light for portraits.

Food For digital Thought: The Clock – industry leader Joe Baraban shares some insights into shooting outdoors in natural light.  By being acutely aware of the direction and intensity of light, you can take some control over natural light and as such deliver pictures that are a proverbial notch up.


Gulls by Lars Lundqvist, on Flickr


50 Street Photographers You Should Follow in 2015 – this curated compendium lists 50 street photographers who deliver great candid work to a waiting audience.  Some of the photos listed here are on the verge of NSFW, but they all represent some great photographs captured on the streets and cities in the world.

Hypnotic Abstract Photographs Make Buildings Look Like Optical Illusions – shapes, lines and patterns are the main focus of architectural photographer Nikola Olic as he shares his unique vision through his craft.  Never revealing a contour or context in his images allows him to create compelling imagery that falls into the abstract category.

Clear Waters Show Off Lake Michigan's Century Old Shipwrecks – as the ice recedes and the frigid waters of Lake Michigan take on clear characteristics for this time of year, haunting shipwrecks become revealed.  This set of photographs defines the expression artistic tension in how we are all left wondering the back stories to these wrecks.

Warriors over the Wasatch – Thunderbirds Airshow June 28, 2014 – Part 1 of 3 – for those who love aviation, this is a post you won’t want to miss in this week’s list.  Howard Jackman brings us along as he visits an airshow and we all get to benefit from the large collection of photographs from the event Howard has captured here.  This post showcases old and new planes alike, parked and in the air…  a fabulous way to experience the show for those who couldn’t attend in person.


A Magical Morning – a wonderful and shallow depth-of-focus creates lovely bokeh in this early morning photograph from the studio of Rachel Cohen.  Dew on the green spring grass shot up close creates perfect bokeh patterns as the warm tones from the sunrise covers the entire scene in wonderful hues that deliver a serendipitous sense of peace and tranquility.

Bognor Rock – Barry Turner delivers a very compelling image in this post featuring a rock formation at the foreground of the frame acting as an anchor into the backdrop.  A gorgeous sunset paints the scene in great hues and tones, adding a fabulous element to this photograph.

Dreaming – this strong image is delivered to us by Renee Robyn, showcasing the incredible drama and beauty of an incredible waterfall near Portland, Oregon.  A footbridge adds a terrific architectural element to this landscape, rounding off the image perfectly.

Surf Motel, Victoria, BC 2015 – Vancouver Island photographer Don Denton shares a great post, featuring several shots of a landmark in the capital city of Victoria, the Surf Motel.  This great motel is situated right across the street from the ocean providing unparalleled views, and it’s retro-styling is a comfortable and familiar sight in the city.

Rush in the snow field – you simply cannot beat the inherent romance of a steam locomotive, especially when it’s powering through a beautiful snow event.  This wonderful photograph by Hidetoshi Kikuchi showcases this by capturing a train in Japan as it travels the tracks.

Natural Frame – this is a great shot from the studio of Jim Denham, using a set of trees close to the bank as a frame in a very compelling composition.  The beautiful Tennessee sunrise bathes the entire setting in wonderful hues, accenting the natural features of the landscape.

HOPE – a wonderful character study of a frog by Hendy Mp brings us up close and personal with this great little creature.  Hendy’s tight frame showcases the wonderful details of the frog, exposing a glimpse into it’s personality and sharing a great nature themed picture.

Reef Chief – Jimi Jones captures and shares a very contemporary scene with this photograph, featuring an unbelievable 120ft yacht moored alongside a restaurant.  As Jimi muses in his post, you just know the interior of this amazing vessel is full of warm and rich looking woodwork, and this is all left to our imaginations as we enjoy the broader context of the boat.

1-A64Q6453 by nigel, on Flickr

Hallstatt – the long exposure technique utilized in capturing this shot by İlhan Eroglu does a great job of softening the waters of the lake in the foreground, and with it the reflections of the surroundings in the pool.  This accents the crisp, rich details of the landscape, and the homes and buildings that dot the shoreline in this frame.

The Chair – Michael Criswell shares a fresh shot from his visit to the Eastern State Penitentiary, this one featuring the iconic barber’s chair the is situated in one of the very creepy looking cells in the museum.  There is something absolutely haunting about this scene, it literally exudes artistic tension in all the unanswered questions that are almost certain to follow a viewing, and Mike does a terrific job of capturing this for all time in a photograph.

Reine – a frozen and rugged landscape hosts a body of water with a wonderful little community peppered around the shore in this stunning piece shared here by André Wandrei.  Incredible details in this shot taken during the blue hour converge to create a strong feeling of wonder and solitude.

Old Steps – Misfat Al Abryeen – David A. Lockwood captures a terrific shot of what appears to be a very old stone set of steps in an old village presumably in Oman.  The wonderful dichotomy of old man-made stone steps alongside vegetation that appears to grow out of the surroundings delivers a wonderful composition sure to be enjoyed by all.

The Dynamics Of Fluids – an amazing photograph, almost surreal in nature, explores the world high above the layer of fog over the city of Dubai in the morning.  Daniel Cheong’s image features the tips of buildings appearing to almost hover above the layer of moisture, sharing wonderful details in the visible architecture against a mesmerizing setting.

Costa's Hummingbird in Flight, California – a delicate hummingbird is captured mid-flight in this amazing piece shared here by Mark Paulson.  Beautiful natural colors express the tiny creature’s spirit and personality, while the leading edges of it’s wings create a dynamic sense of movement in this fabulous photograph.

Sea Cliff Sunrise – a stunning Australian sunrise greets the viewer in this wonderful photograph by Luke Tscharke.  A winding roadway makes it’s way alongside the massive walls of rock that create the shoreline, all brought together with the light trails from passing cars and vibrant hues from the early morning sky.

Nemesis – Heublein Tower, Simsbury, Connecticut – through the act of trying to capture a shot that seems to elude him, Len Saltiel shares a great photo of an architectural subject close to his home.  The details in the structure are complimented perfectly by the textures of the stonework that comprises it’s base in a shot sure to satisfy those who love old and storied architecture.

Amsterdam – almost appearing as if it originated in a fairy tale, this wonderful shot taken across a canal in Amsterdam by Thrasivoulos Panou features a view of this old city during the blue hour.  The character found in the architecture of the city provides a great element to enjoy, rewarding the viewer who spends time checking out all the finer details exposed in the frame.

Bryce Canyon Infrared – light and shadow play against each other in this terrific infrared capture from Joe Farace.  Joe visits the world-famous Bryce Canyon with his IR converted camera and photographs the unique landscape in the IR spectrum, delivering a totally unique take of this incredible park.

Wrecked – a sailboat lies prone on sandy shores as the sunrise drapes the scene in beautiful colors.  This great panorama formatted photograph by Bruce Hood is a pure expression of artistic tension in the compelling nature of the image, alongside the many lingering questions that mysteriously remain regarding the origin of this scene.

Colours – photographer Randy Hall brings us close and personal to a wood duck, highlighting all the wonderful colours and details that create the allure these birds have for photography.  Randy’s great capture does a fabulous job of exploring the details and textures in the feathers, freezing a moment in nature to be enjoyed forever.


Professional Photographer Shares Uncomfortable Truths About the Industry – WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE – whether we like it or not, the entire photography industry is going through a massive paradigm shift right before our eyes.  This article is causing ripples throughout the industry with it’s raw personal look at the state of the profession through the eyes of a pro who’s worked in the field for many years.

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