Photography Session in Park Leads to Spat with “Concerned Citizen”


Busybodies are not a new thing, but people are sure way more aware of them now that we have ubiquitous social media platforms and cameras everywhere.

The amazing thing is that people still continue to put on such public performances.

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Image by Dewang Gupta

A recently married couple in Houston wanted to take some pictures as a couple in a local park. The only thing is, they didn’t expect their impromptu session to be ruined by a lady screaming at them from inside her vehicle.

Kelyn Alyssa told her Facebook audience: “About 35 minutes into our 1 hr shoot we heard a voice shouting in our direction – and when we turned to look it was this woman rolling up in her car, shouting through her window: ‘You are trampling the grass that WE pay for. …In the midst of her shouting, I immediately and calmly asked her to restrain her dog as it made a beeline for the baby and it was coming dangerously close to my child…I actually crouched next to the baby and put my hand out to try to shoo this strange dog away. The lady begins shouting at us that we are on private property and that she will not restrain her dog because she can do whatever she wants there.”

The woman in the video, identified as local Houston resident Franci Neely by local news agency KTRK, has since apologized for her behavior in the video though she hasn’t responded to media requests for comment.

Broadacres park is a historic park that forbids commercial and professional photography – at least, it did until the signs were taken down. When the prohibition on commercial and professional photography was first enacted in 2017, it caused quite a stir, but now, in 2019, it seems that the attention to prohibition is bringing – or the behavior it is seemingly encouraging – isn’t a net positive for the park.

You can watch the video of the interaction here on Kelyn Alyssa’s Facebook.

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