Photography, Video Apps Dominate Downloads in Q4 2021


Instagram’s popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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Photo by Rami Al-zayat

Still, TikTok is nipping at their heels in the latest app downloads report from Sensor Tower.

And in case you were wondering, apps centered around photography and video absolutely dominated the charts.

The three apps in the top ten probably won’t surprise anyone (Instagram, TikTok, and Snap and in that order), but what is pretty interesting to observe is how popular these apps are compared to what else is on the list such as a variety of messaging apps and Spotify. Snap and Instagram, for example, seem to combine the best of both worlds with robust messaging and communication features.

If you count Facebook as an app in this category, the dominance of messaging and photography/video apps is even more pronounced. You might recall some time ago that we reported on Meta’s (formerly Facebook) move to consolidate functionality across its app ecosystem with a huge focus on messaging and video. It looks like that was right on the money and the two will continue to be a “big deal” for some time to come.

Then again, none of that is surprising given the company’s pledge to double down on video. This caused some photographers to worry that Instagram was moving away from its core competencies and into more TikTok-esque realms but it looks like their strategy of being the go-to app for all things in this area of media is not only really smart, but also what the market wants. According to Sensor Tower, the last time an app from the company formerly known as Facebook topped the charts was back in 2019 when WhatsApp had a particularly strong showing.

Do you use Instagram or TikTok? How about Twitter? Let us know where you think photography and videography apps are headed in the comments below.

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