Prices on Zeiss Lens Going Up Starting in October


The hits just keep coming for those of us looking to spend money on new gear in 2021. Combined with a general shortage of goods across the industry, rising prices due to inflation makes for a pretty expensive time to be a photographer – if ever there was a cheap time to be in the field.

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Photo by Will Truettner

And now lens maker Zeiss is joining the rising tide of industry prices with an across-the-board price increase for its products.

So, how much of an increase are we looking at here?

Batia and Loxia lenses are going up by $USD 50 respectively while Milvus (ZE & ZF.2) is going up $USD 75. ZM lenses will be going up by $USD 100.

Price increases aren’t just coming to its lens lineup; filters are experiencing a price jump as well.

T* UIV and POL filters will be going up in price by 10%.

Overall, not the worst price increase but certainly not good news for budget-conscious shoppers.

These new prices will come into effect on October 1st, giving you more than enough time to try to scoop up some new Zeiss lens now before the hike takes effect.

That might not be a bad idea, either, with the busy winter shopping season just around the corner. It should be interesting to see how prices and supply are impacted this year given the myriad of difficulties in the high-end electronics area in particular.

Were you planning on getting a Zeiss lens any time soon? Will this price increase make you consider making that purchase ahead of October 1? Let us know in the comments below.

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