Release Date for Super Smartphone Hydrogen One from Red


Teased last year, the much-anticipated super smartphone from manufacturer Red, the Hydrogen One, is finally getting some official specs and a release date according to a report from DP Review.

Image via RED.

If you’re wondering why this phone is kind of a big deal then we’ll try to fill you in quickly: Sporting a 5.7″ lightfield holographic display from Leica, the Hydrogen One also will come with a pin-based expansion system that DP Review compares to the Moto One mods but probably geared more towards high-end videography as is the company’s specialty.

The main headliner for the Hydrogen One when it was teased last year was the holographic display and that seems to still be a huge selling point for the phone which has put up several different release time frames only to blow through them all. Now they’re tying themselves to two particular dates: October 9 for the customers who have preordered the phone and November 2 for the rest of us. That puts the new Red Hydrogen One squarely in the thick of the ever-intense end-of-the-year shopping season.

Not only did Red give us a concrete release date but also the company has shown more detailed glimpses of the phone’s design including its carbon fiber shell and industrial aesthetic. In terms of variants there will be two on the market and both will set you back quite a bit. Zooming into iPhone X territory, the aluminium Hydrogen One will retail for $USD 1295 while a titanium-bodied variant will be an extra $USD 200 according to DP Review. Of course, for those of us that have to have the latest and greatest in everything, that’s probably par for the course. That said, the Hydrogen One does look like some serious kit and we can’t wait to see what it does when it’s out in the field.

Image via RED.
Image via RED.

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