Reports Indicate DxO Labs Entering Receivership in French Courts


DxO Labs has managed to stay in the news for the past few months, and nearly all of it positive.

But a recent report surfacing across social media indicates some potentially bad news on the horizon for the company.

A report from Camera Jabber indicates that DxO Labs has entered into receivership in French courts, a move typically indicating a financially insolvent company.

This is the software arm of DxO which made news last year for its acquisition of the Nik Collection from Google.

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Canon Rumors reports that this action is in preparation for reorganizing the company. Again, DxO Labs is separate from DxO Mark which tests cameras and lenses.

A customer of DxO Labs emailed the company about the news and received the following response according to Canon Rumors:

“Hello sir,

In fact, the company has recently been placed under a regime of judicial administration, the time to reorganize.

Although we can not comment on this situation, we can nevertheless assure you that the company is absolutely not in liquidation and that we are confident that our customers will not be affected by this procedure.”

The news that DxO Labs was buying the Nik Collection from Google was one of the highlights of October 2017. People were certain that Google was set to kill off the beloved brand and DxO Labs’ move to save it was hailed by many. Further, DxO Labs promised to further develop the collection and schedule a release of new Nik Collection software for this year.

Normally companies use receivership for reorganization or closing up shop. Rumours seem to indicate that DxO Labs is reorganizing which could result in a stronger company at the end of the process. Whatever the case, we’re sure that DxO Labs software users and fans of the Nik Collection would love some further clarification on this latest move by the company.

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