REVIEW: “Andes” by Andrew Gibson


The talented Andrew Gibson has recently released another invaluable photography ebook, this time covering the topic of traveling to South America. In the simply-titled “Andes”, Andrew discusses his journey through South America and reveals the hows and whys to some of the most impressive photos I’ve seen.

Andrew starts off with a wonderful collection of his stunning images – not just of the incredible vistas, but he turns his camera onto the locals and how they lead their daily lives. The portraits are as powerful as the scenery – full of emotion and drama, and also a sense of intimacy not often captured. It’s a visual treat and a fantastic way to inspire before absorbing the technical side of things.

The process section is fantastic as it deals with both sides of the definition – the technical details and the events leading up to the images being captured. It's full of valuable information that even the most experienced photographer would benefit from. The ultimate goal in learning photography is to develop your own sense of style and creativity – not recycle the work of others. With that being said, learning how certain photos were captured is an invaluable learning tool that is often overlooked in photography ebooks. Being able to pair each image to specific technical details is a huge asset for any photographer.

However, there’s much more information here than the technical breakdown of each image – there’s an entire section dedicated to traveling in South America, which answers many potential questions a traveling photographer would have. This is what sets Andrew’s guide apart from the collection of travel blogs you’ll find on the internet – he writes from the perspective of a photographer. He knows what we care about, and addresses it in a consise, straightforward manner – no unnecessary fluff. He also addresses the not-so-sunny side of traveling to a foreign country – not to scare you off, but to prepare you for your journey in an honest way without any sugarcoating.
Andrew breaks up the photography education with personal stories of his time in South America, which read like a travel magazine – full of detail and perspectives only attainable by those who have visited themselves. The stories alone are interesting enough to purchase the ebook.

The fact that this ebook is only $5 is unreal. The amount of candid information you receive can save you months of trial-and-error frustration in the field. Better yet, it'll help you avoid missed photography opportunites which, to me, are priceless.

You can preview and purchase Andrew's book by clicking here. Don't forget to check out his ebooks, which cover a vast array of photography subjects.


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