Rich Kids of Instagram? Now You Too Can Take Selfies on a Private Jet


Living a jet set lifestyle on a budget?

Welcome to the world of social media giant Instagram, where everyone is famous and in pictures, or so it may seem.

Now you too can join that crowd, if you have enough money and happen to be in Russia’s capital city, Moscow.

In a bit of market savvy that is almost too obvious to be real, a company in Russia is offering would-be members of the Rich Kids of Instagram set the chance to take selfies in their very own private jet…for a fee, of course.

While you may have heard of the concept of renting a private jet to fly somewhere, have you ever considered just renting a jet to take pictures inside of it?

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If this all sounds like madness that is because it is, and delightfully so.

Moscow-based Private Jet Studio lets its customers fake the rich lifestyle of the jetset in the company’s well-appointed Gulfstream G650 Jet.

To own a Gulfstream G650 Jet you need to starts at around $USD 65,000,000 in case you’re wondering – no small change for even the most well heeled people.

Private Jet Studio advertises on its website: “This is the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft. The luxurious interior of the aircraft is made of high-quality and natural materials. You can organize an unusual and unforgettable photo shoot for yourself and your customers, which they will never forget.”

So if you want to give your Instagram account that extra touch of…something…you should consider this (or maybe even inquiring about franchise options if you’re business savvy and can afford to let a private jet sit around).

Taking pictures in the jet starts at 14,000 roubles (or roughly $USD 240) and includes a private photographer ($USD 189 without) for a two-hour-long photo shoot.

You can check out the company’s Instagram page here:

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