Selfie Taker Sparks Massive Bike Crash at Tour de France


The headlines may look like deja vu all over again and that’s pretty much what we’ve got today as yet another selfie-taking spectator has unleashed chaos at the Tour de France.

man riding bicycle on road during daytime
Man riding bicycle on road during daytime. Photo by Jonny Kennaugh

You may recall the crash from a few years back caused by a spectator with a large sign. In fact, it seems that unaware spectators are the culprits behind many such incidents at biking competitions but we won’t digress too much.

As with everything these days, it was all caught on video which you can view over on Twitter.

US rider Sepp Kuss was the one that collided with the selfie taker 52 kilometers into the 15th leg of the race, PetaPixel reports.

While the incident is being blamed on the spectator, Kuss did say that exhaustion may have had a role to play, stating, “There was a narrowing in the town and a spectator in the road, and I guess he just clipped my handlebars. I think it’s fatigue. It’s been such a hard race and everybody is a bit tired. You lose a bit of alertness and there’s always things out of your control as well.”

No one was seriously injured in this incident and the race resumed although not without further warnings about situational awareness on the part of spectators. While likely unintentional, smartphones tend to feature in a bunch of stories about people causing some kind of mayhem. And, more often than not, someone ends up getting hurt – even killed – which makes the recurrence of these events that much more distressing.

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