One Way to Get a Perfect Portrait

By Admin / December 9, 2009

Portraits are one of the most popular types of photography from amateurs through to pros. Unfortunately, they can also be tough if you're looking for a really good shot. But there is a simple “trick” you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of portraits. It usually doesn't require any extra gear and you can pretty much do it from anywhere.

Taking a flash-lit portrait of somebody at sunset is an almost sure-fire way to get a dramatic effect with that portrait. Now, how far you take this is up to you. Sure, you can deal with light diffusers at various angles and whatnot, but often a standard built in flash can be effective too. We’re not pretending this is easy or that it always works out, but it can certainly be worth experimenting with. Check out some of these fantastic examples.


Photo by Erathic Eric

Marshall Ackley #2

Photo by Zach Ancell


Photo by Zach Ancell


Photo by WhosWho

Luís Faria

Photo by Tiago Ribeiro

Sunset Portrait

Photo by Bill Read

surfing chill

Photo by Mano 82

Evening Workout

Photo by Eric Malette


Photo by Raw Cat

Photo by WoodenMan

Photo by Arturo Ponciarelli

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