Taking Better Selfies Is The Selling Point For The New LG Smartphone


It seems like adding the word “selfie” to your list of specialities can only help you sell kit in this social media obsessed world.

Then again, smartphone photography is no joke and even some of the more competitively priced headsets are starting to boast some really respectable specs.

Take the new LG V35 ThinQ smartphone, for example: With two 16 MP lenses (standard and super-wide), an improved “selfie” camera, and 19 portrait modes, there’s little left to add other than the kitchen. This dual lens configuration was originally debuted on LG G7 ThinQ but the major difference between that phone and this one is the upgrade in front camera resolution from 5MP to 8MP.

Image via LG.

Of course, the phone wouldn’t be complete without a really sleek design, and the V35 ThinQ has that in spades.

In a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses moment on the phone, it also features a robust bokeh Portrait Mode as well as the low-light capabilities of its sister model, the LG V30S ThinQ. The phone’s Super Bright Camera helps it capture low-light images with the aid of pixel binning advanced software processing according to ePhotozine. To ensure optimal captures, an artificial intelligence-derived algorithm determines the best settings for shooting in low-light environments.

As an Android-based headset, the new LG will also have the latest in Google apps and technology including voice assistant capabilities and Bluetooth functionality. It will also come in two unique body colours: Aurora Black and Platinum Gray.

The phone will also feature the new Google Lens app technology. For those of you that might be unfamiliar with Google Lens, it basically identifies objects and landmarks within your photo for better and easier categorization. With up to 128GB of storage, you’ll be able to capture quite a bit of stuff with the LG V35 ThinQ.

The new phone should start hitting shelves in North America in June 2018 with a roll out to other markets following that launch.

Image via LG.
Image via LG.

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