The New Canon Compact 4K Camera Is Looking To Take On Smartphone Photography


Smartphones are a hot ticket in the photography world today but that doesn’t mean that traditional makes are letting all of the market share slide away. Canon’s new compact 4K camera, specifically designed with smartphone photographers in mind, hopes to lure people latched to their phone and get them using a dedicated optical device.

The PowerShot SX740, the latest in the PowerShot series, not only has 4K capabilities but also 40X optical zoom and a 20.3 Megapixel CMOS imaging sensor.

Image via Canon.

The camera will be capable of continuous shooting at up to 7.4fps and will also feature built-in wifi and Bluetooth functionalities. Other tech found on the PowerShot SX740 includes a dual-sensing image stabilization feature, automatic image transfer, and a features assistant.

The back of the camera has a 3 inch LCD screen capable of rotating 180 degrees. President and COO of Canon USA Kazuto Ogawa said of the camera: “We remain committed to incorporating the latest technologies and innovations into Canon products that help meet the needs of our customers. As we continue to grow the popular PowerShot SX-series, we are excited to offer more imaging solutions that encourage visual storytelling.”

The addition of 4K to the camera is a huge draw for many consumers as this kind of capability is normally the purview of the higher-end models. The new PowerShot will not only come well equipped but will also be competitively priced at under $USD 500 when it hits the market later this month.

Available in silver or black, the new PowerShot SX740 comes in a well-designed form factor and is compact and light in a nod to portability like that found in a smartphone.

Whether the new PowerShot will succeed in leading smartphone photographers away from their headset remains to be seen but the PowerShot SX740 looks like too powerful a piece of kit to ignore.

You can watch a demonstration video from Canon by clicking here.

Image via Canon.
Image via Canon.

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