This New Adapter Claims You Can Mount Any Lens to Your Smartphone


One thing that has held smartphone photography back in the eyes of some traditionalists is the device’s inability to use most lenses.

And as anyone who has practiced the art for a longtime knows, lenses can be a costly investment indeed. There are also those of us who are completely obsessed with lenses more than the cameras themselves.

How do you accommodate these photographers?

Many companies have attempted to make lenses for the smartphone and a lot of them produce amazing results. There are even a few companies that have made adapters for certain lens types.

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But no one has claimed to have a universal adapter for smartphones, until now.

Shenzhen-based Cinematic International Company Limited, a Chinese maker of photography accessories since 2008, announced a universal smartphone lens adapter in a video made in collaboration with No Film School. If this adapter’s capabilities are as robust as the company claims they are, then we could possibly be looking at a real game changer in the marketplace.

Of course, skeptics will want to wait until they have a unit in their hands before getting excited – and for good reason. The promise of universal compatibility is one thing, the actuality of it is another matter entirely.

The company doesn’t have a comprehensive list of the lenses supported by the universal adapter, but claims that it should accommodate any lens. It is compatible with the most common systems, including Canon EF, Nikon F, and Sony E according to PetaPixel.

PetaPixel’s Michael Zhang speculates that the company could be targeting artist, photographers, and filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh, whose most recent film, Unsane, was shot entirely on an iPhone.

Cinematics International Company Limited has not yet announced a street date for the adapter nor any kind of price. You can check out their eBay storefront by clicking here.

You can also view their video promoting the product by clicking here.

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