This Program Turns Single Images Into Moving Photos


Some of the coolest things happening in photography right now are going down in the world of software that provide everything from rudimentary photo editing and filters to more fully functioning programs used by creatives.

As for the PhotoMirage app, it transforms single images into moving pictures.

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Simple enough, right? But according to PhotoMirage they’ve made the process easier than ever before.

And with an eye towards social media platforms, time can be of the essence.

PhotoMirage comes to market courtesy of Corel and takes elements within a photo and adds motion to them in order to create the illusion of motion within the picture. This doesn’t require a video of the image and works purely through manipulating elements within the single image which makes PhotoMirage markedly different from a cinemagraph according to DPReview.

PhotoMIrage is also built for speed according to Corel, allowing for the addition of moving elements within an image in very short time. After isolating the areas that the user wants to move as well as the direction the user wants them to move in the program does the rest. This means that water flows and clouds move or whatever element the user specifies within the image.

Best of all for social media mavens is that PhotoMirage allows for direct upload to many services such as Instagram. You can also save it locally or upload it and email it. That’s particularly useful for people that work collaboratively or professionals who edit images for social media users.

All of this cool functionality doesn’t come for free, natch. But, on the bright side, the software isn’t taking a cloud-based subscription approach.

PhotoMirage is available for Windows 7 and greater for $69.99. If you’d like to check out, head on over to their website by clicking here.

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