Transform Your Moto Z Into a Polaroid with the Insta-Share Printer


The problem with most photography social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is that they are ephemeral, rarely encouraging people to make physical copies of what they capture.

Normally this is an inconvenient process but new accessories and services have sprung up with the rise in popularity of these platforms, accessories and services that bring the ephemeral nature of Internet photography to life in fun, innovative ways.

What better way to combine the present with the past than with a Polaroid accessory, and that’s just what Motorola has done with its accessory-rich Moto Zo smartphone line.

Moto Z smartphones come with a wide variety of mods that turn the everyday smartphone into an uber device with new or enhanced capabilities, from cameras lenses to other accessories.

Introducing the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer, a back attachment for smartphones that allows users to print photos straight from their device for something akin to the classic Polaroid experience.

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Motorola is hoping to cash in on the nostalgia wave while also offering something new and unique to stand out among the crowded sea of smartphone offerings currently on the market.

Unlike the original Polaroid camera that used a proprietary film format, the Moto Z attachment uses ZINK instant photo paper with an adhesive covering on the back. This makes each photo a small sticker that users can place on something by simply peeling off the back to expose the adhesive underneath.

Best of all, like any modern photo accessory, the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer allows users to customize their photos with filters, borders, and text. The user can also print photos directly from Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos.

The Moto Z accessory will be available at retail for approximately $USD 200 and is available for you to pre-order now on Motorola’s website with an expected ship date of December 2017.

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