Using AI Augmentative Features Enough to Disqualify Photos from Getty Images


Artificial intelligence is everywhere and yet it is welcome almost nowhere that sells stock photography.

five assorted paintings on easels
Five assorted paintings on easels. Photo by Raychan

Of course, that makes some sense given that people who use stock photos and, even further, those who purchase their licenses, aren’t really looking for clips from Fantasyland.

But what about photographs that feature AI-assisted editing? The types of programs that can change the weather, lighting, extend the background, and the like?

Well, that’s enough of a change to qualify as an AI-generated image according to an email sent out to contributors to Getty Images, PetaPixel reports.

You might recall that Getty came out pretty hard against the whole AI image concept and there is that whole trillion-dollar lawsuit hanging around out there.

Why this is relevant to all of us right now is that Adobe just unleashed a raft of new AI-based features for its popular suite of applications. Given its status as one of the most popular tools of the trade in the world of videography and photography, knowing how the usage of AI features will impact things like stock photo gallery submission is hugely relevant – particularly when we are speaking of a giant such as Getty.

What’s interesting about all of this is the bifurcation we’re seeing in this market between services that offer AI-generative capabilities and those that sell stock photography. Whether the market will make such a distinction and hence prefer one over the other remains to be seen but, as we have covered here, the emergence of such specialized tools like programs that can generate product images is a real threat to photographers in those niches.

Are you currently using an AI in your editing or workflow? What are your thoughts on those features? Let us know what you think of AI augmenting photos in the comments below.

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