What Were They Even Thinking With The Kodak Ektachrome Teaser


When Kodak announced they were reviving the legendary line of film, sceptics and fans alike expressed their hopes and fears about what Ektachrome would be like in the age of digital everything.

You see, Ektachrome holds a special place in the hearts of many photographers as it was one of the first films that allowed hobbyists to develop their own film. In addition, many people appreciate the unique visual appearance of photos taken on Ektachrome film. Debuting all the way back in the 1940s, it was also one of photography’s oldest lines of consumer film.

Ektachrome finally met its production end in 2009 and remaining stock was sold through by 2013. Kodak’s announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show that the company was bringing back Ektachrome was, expectedly, met with a bit of head scratching.

Image via Flickr from Pexels.com.

After all, why bring it back if it wasn’t selling in the first place and, second, people want Ektachrome, not Ektachrome “reimagined.”

Sadly, it seems like that latter might be exactly what Kodak is delivering, to the disappointment of many.

That’s because fans were largely left to imagine what went on to create the photos Kodak was showing off as the process behind them wasn’t disclosed. Further, while the photos look somewhat authentic, many people have complained that there is something a bit off about them.

The Internet is a tough customer to please, but Kodak’s presentation is also derided for being sloppy in addition to being mysterious.

That doesn’t mean everyone was displeased. A few fans expressed their excitement about seeing the pictures and the eventual release of the film.

Beset with delays ever since its initial announcement, the revival of Ektachrome has put Kodak back in the headlines and is a massive shout out to film fanatics everywhere. The only hurdle remaining is actually getting it released.

You can view the presentation in question here on Kodak’s Instagram page.

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