You Know You Secretly Want One…A Hot Wheels With A GoPro Attached


If you have ever wanted to combine your favorite toy race car series with the world’s foremost make of action cameras now you can as the two companies announce a collaboration on a small action camera mount in the guise of a Hot Wheels car.

This special edition camera mount from GoPro and Mattel is called the Zoom In and is capable of holding a GoPro Hero 5 camera to capture video from the point of view of the toy race car.

You might be writing this off as a bit of whimsy on GoPro’s part but really it is a pretty savvy expansion of their customer base.

Image via Mattel.

That’s because the Zoom In combines the thrill of being a child racing toy cars with the adult fun of capturing awesome footage to manipulate on a computer.

This toy is part of Mattel’s Experimotors line of innovative Hot Wheels toys.

You can check out the Zoom In in action over on YouTube at Izzy’s Toy Time.

One of the best parts about the new Zoom In car from Hot Wheels? It is in line with the company’s other offerings so you won’t break the bank making a purchase.

Even so, GoPro Hero 5 cameras are not a cheap purchase and might prove to be the barrier to entry for this accessory.

But at a price point of approximately $USD 120, a GoPro Hero 5 makes an excellent entry level, starter camera for the budding enthusiast. So if you’re looking for a cute, whimsical addition to your action camera mount lineup or you want to buy something a little different for that child in your life, the Zoom In is a pretty cool toy with a lot of potential when you combine it with the GoPro Hero 5 action camera.

The Zoom In should be on sale soon over at Mattel's website. You can visit it by clicking here.

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