26 Photographs That Use a Vanishing Point to Great Effect

26 Photographs That Use a Vanishing Point to Great Effect

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For photographers, finding a vanishing point, or an implied vanishing point in nature or human-made environments can result in a very sharp compositional opportunity. While they are often found in long roads and tall buildings, the collection below shows that wherever they are, a good photographer can turn them into a powerful image. Share your own vanishing point photographs in the comments!

The Vanishing point by Mustafa Khayat, on Flickr

Patterns on a rooftop by Steve-h, on Flickr

The lonely walk by VinothChandar, on Flickr

Dawn Mist on the Chiltern Line by Ella’s Dad, on Flickr

Almost to the point by Steve-h, on Flickr

Atomium Escalator by saturn ♄, on Flickr

The Calatrava Tunnel (Explore) by Bert Kaufmann, on Flickr

O’hare by papalars, on Flickr

Passage by fdecomite, on Flickr

endless by Victor Bezrukov, on Flickr

The Grand Corridors @ Tanjore Brihadeeswara Temple by VinothChandar, on Flickr

Vanishing Point Chileno Valley by St0rmz, on Flickr

Vanishing Cables by laszlo-photo, on Flickr

2011-25-09 by Manu_H, on Flickr

Vanish by -= Bruce Berrien =-, on Flickr

Untitled by Mikelo, on Flickr

the road ahead by Dave_B_, on Flickr

Vanishing Point by rynde, on Flickr

The Vanishing Pier by प्रतीक, on Flickr

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