March Photo Contest Winners: Natural Resilience


We're really proud to announce the winner of the second competition in March.

For those of you who don't know, the Light Stalking Monthly Photography Competition carries a $100 People's Choice Award and a $250 Overall Winner Award. Obviously, the People's Choice is done by a vote of the community, whereas the overall winner is selected by our guest judge, which this month was Jason Row.

If you're not familiar with Jason, he has been a stalwart of the photography community for over a decade. In that time, he has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their photography, and his work has been seen everywhere from Etihad Airways campaigns to National Geographic.

Here is what Jason had to say about this month's winners:

Natural Resilience Winners

Again there have been some fantastic entries to this month's competition and it’s been a tough job to narrow the field down to just three. The theme was Natural Resilience and for this month I was looking for great composition plus a tight adherence to the theme. To whittle the field down I also included good technical ability, focus, exposure etc and editing technique I am pleased to say there were some very worthy winners.

First Place

Dancing Aspens By Terrie S

This image works so well, not only in fitting the theme perfectly but also in the beautiful composition and the mystery that the image throws up. The trees are showing incredible resilience but to what? Why did they curve away like that? Why did they straighten up? Why is it just these four trees when the others grew in their natural direction?

It’s a fascinating and engaging image with beautiful light, lovely subtle colour and great composition and it is a worthy winner this month.

Terrie wins our $250 Prize!

You can check out Terrie's work hereawishbestowed

Second Place

Sunshine In The Dark By Pat Garrett

A close second this image shows the flower’s natural resilience to all that has gone on around it. Whilst the flowers to the right are dead, the two to the left are clinging onto life. The image is a beautifully composed, almost minimalist shot and very nicely edited to bring the eye from the dark, foreboding background to the bright yellow flowers.

You can check out Pat's works here:

Third Place

Resilience in the storm By Patrick

This image reminds us that animals are also naturally resilient. The use of a high shutter speed to freeze the torrential rain enhances the harsh conditions that the horse is having to endure. The use of black and white has given the shot a gritty realism. I like the way the horse appears to be running towards the camera as if to escape the storm.

You can check out Patrick's work here – patrickweir

People’s Choice Award Winner

Our monthly photo contests also come with a People's Choice Award. the winner of this part of the contest receives $100 worth of store credit on Light Stalking which they can spend as they please on our blueprints drills courses or Presets.

This month the most popular photograph was “Still Standing” by Jean T. This one was a stand out in the voting since it was submitted. With the strong composition, stark colours and adherence to the contest theme, it's easy to see why it did so well!

Congratulations to Jean.

What next?

We're already into the third week of April and our third monthly contest has already started taking entries. This month our theme is Whispers.

If you would like to join us and enter some images into our monthly contest then take a look at your options here.

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