Gentle Giants of the Micro-World and More!


This week, we've had another fantastic week of photography on Light Stalking through our wonderful community. Tersha was kind enough to assign a weekly photography challenge theme that required looking closer and slower, out of the ordinary. For this, we focused on the gentle giants of the micro world.

A couple of years ago, the university from which I received my Master of Science in 2017 acquired some dream photographic tools for exploring our universe above and below. It was then that I had the opportunity to look directly at the sun, taking a wonderful shot for myself, as well as seeing a lot of miniature worlds.

While taking advantage of these wonderful tools and photography, I recognized the essence and distinguishable beauty of macro photography – a gift given to me by being allowed to use those tools.

Macro photography is a hugely popular genre, but it's not something that all photographers have a lot of experience with. For those of us who don't have this experience, challenges like this provide a great opportunity.

Photo of the Week

Insects offer some of the most interesting patterns to explore through the means of photography. Tersha's talented gaze elevated the wings of a mantis by doing a precise close-up and enlightening post-production. And I hope this serves as inspiration for all of us struggling with the micro-world.

Copyright – Tersha

Congrats Tersha, thanks for sharing this exquisite shot with us!

Weekly Photography Challenge Digest

Thanks, Tersha and Dahlia for pushing our creative boundaries one step forward every week!

Honey bee with her tongue extended

Copyright – Click

2.5 mm long carpet beetle

Copyright – Click

A Monarch butterfly feeds from a flowing plant at Crandon Park in Key Biscane, Fla., Friday evening, November 12, 2021.

Copyright – Kenneth Wong

Butterfly wing

Copyright – Tersha

Butterfly eye

Copyright – Tersha
Copyright – Wendy P
Copyright – Michael

I'll pull an oldie out for now, a Hover Fly about that size of a coarse ground grain of pepper in mid flight. The Fly.

Copyright – Robert Apple

Dragonfly wing detail

Copyright – Tersha

Butterfly wing details

Copyright – Tersha
Copyright – Tersha
Copyright – Tersha
Copyright – Patrick
Copyright – Robert Apple

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A Highlight on the Latest Activity at our Community

beth informed us about some new Photoshop adjustment presets by sharing the following video:

Are you aware of the upcoming solar eclipse? Wendy asked about it and the conversation went places right away

Marty shared some thoughts about a burning technique:

I'm working on my burning technique today with the “before” and “after” images below. The “before” image was cropped from a larger photo. I wanted to highlight the fine white fuzzy “hairs” of the stem and bud against a black background. Will this work, does it need more finishing, or is there another way to get to black background? Thanks

Follow the link to see the result!

bucweeet shared this stunning view from Glacier Bay in Alaska:

Copyright – bucweeet

And Patrick introduced us to Léonard Misonne, a Belgian pictorialist photographer from the nineteenth century

Last but not least, Marty shared this fine-art monochrome piece:

Copyright – Marty E

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