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Jason Little is a photographer (shooting macros, portraits, candids, and the occasional landscape), writer, and music lover. You can see Jason’s photography on Flickr, his Website or his Blog.

15 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Birds of Prey in Flight

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When you think of fearsome predators, which ones come first to mind? Wolves? Lions or bears? How about snakes or sharks? Some of you might even be in the midst of a bone-chilling flashback about a menacing spider you once encountered. But what about birds? There are some real rock stars among birds. Eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and other raptors characterized by peerless vision, powerful beak, and piercing talons are some of nature’s most efficient hunters. The photos below capture various birds of prey in flight, some in active pursuit of their next meal.

7 Photography Cliches That Are Still Fricken Awesome!

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What follows is a collection of photographs consisting of concepts and subjects you’ve no doubt seen thousands of times over, concepts and subjects you’ve probably incorporated into your own photography. The ideas on display here aren’t original and there is a good chance that some of you have simply seen enough them; they are cliché. Here are 7 photography clichés that, despite being exceedingly commonplace, we still love. I’m sure at least one of these holds a special place in your heart.

A 3 Step Framework to Reverse Engineering a Photograph You Want to Emulate

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You’re familiar with the concept of reverse engineering, aren’t you? You may be wondering what reverse engineering has to do with photography — I’m not suggesting that anyone take apart their camera and try to put it back together…am I? No. This is about reverse engineering a photo — looking at an image and using visual clues to figure out how to recreate the shot in your own way. While reverse engineering an image is hardly an exact science, there are three basic elements to pay close attention to when attempting to decipher the makings of a photograph.

6 Practical Ways to Unlock the Real Power of Colors in Your Photography


To suggest that color is of utmost importance to photographers would be a grand understatement. Discussions dealing with the fundamentals of photography typically address exposure, composition, lighting, etc., but the topic of color sometimes fails to make an appearance. This is unfortunate because, unless you are one who shoots exclusively in black and white, color can be equally as important to the success of an image as composition and exposure.

4 Essential Considerations to Help You Create Excellent Macro Photographs

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I may be biased, but I think the appeal of macro photography is rather obvious: the wonder and fascination of being able to capture in fine, “life-size” proportion the details of things otherwise beyond the scope of what the naked eye is capable of discerning. Macro photography is like experiencing another dimension of reality. You will be glad to know that successful macro photography rests primarily on four essential factors.

How to Take the Stress Out of Image Editing When You’ve Got Tons of Photos to Edit

Photo editing

Many people find that even when engaged in something they absolutely love doing, there is sometimes a degree of drudgery involved in one aspect or another, some chore that has to be completed as an inextricable component of an otherwise enjoyable activity. For many a photographer, this unwelcome chore is post-processing. Here are some ideas to help you take some of the stress out of post-processing.

Review of Think Tank Photo’s My 2nd Brain 15 Laptop Bag


Anyone who has spent even a scant amount of time researching and searching for the perfect camera bag will quickly become familiar with two things: 1. That there is no such thing as the perfect camera bag. 2. The pervasiveness of the Think Tank brand. Think Tank Photo doesn’t deal exclusively in camera bags, however; they also sport a substantial line of laptop and tablet bags.

Getting Started with Fire Photography

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We’re all mesmerized by fire. We stare in awe at infernos that engulf buildings and forests; we’re hypnotized by campfires; we use the soft glow of candle light to set a relaxing mood. And as kids, we’re all told repeatedly by parents, teachers, and talking bears to never play with fire. Well, now it’s time to momentarily push those admonitions to the side and, yes, play with fire — you know, for art’s sake.

6 Life Lessons That Can Make You a Better Photographer

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Photography can’t be all f-stops and shutter speeds; megapixels and frames per second shouldn’t dominate your thought process each time you reach for your camera. At the heart of meaningful, visually arresting photography lies attitude; how do you think and feel about what you’re shooting? You might try drawing inspiration from a few lessons that can be applied to life itself as easily as they can be to photography.

19 Stunning Lake Sunsets for You to Reflect On

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Photographer Catherine Opie once referred to sunrise and sunset as “the biggest cliché in photography.” While Opie’s series of photos “Twelve Miles to the Horizon” deals with the very subjects — sunrise and sunset — that she deemed cliché, I think it’s safe to say that Opie succeeded in approaching sunrise and sunset in a slightly different way.