Four Things You Can Do To Be A Better Photographic Storyteller

Telling a story with pictures is considerably more difficult than many people, both photographer and non-photographer, understand. There’s more to storytelling with photos than simply pointing a camera at a particular moment or event and pressing the shutter. Sure, documentary photographers, street photographers and photojournalists, for example, all place themselves in environments that are ripe […]

These Are 4 Lightroom Features You Should Use Everyday

For some photographers, Lightroom represents the perfect specimen of an editing application. Not only does it allow you to organize your files, Lightroom possesses virtually everything you need to do serious photo editing. Unless you need to work with layers — but even then, Lightroom integrates seamlessly with Photoshop. While Lightroom is nowhere near as […]

4 Easy Ideas for Photographers to Stay Creative While Stuck At Home

Quarantine. Lockdown. Shelter-in-place. Social distancing. These are just a few of the terms that have been thrust upon the world over the past few months as we’ve all been forced to adapt to a drastically different way of life due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has certainly been disorienting to suddenly be stuck indoors and […]