10 Amazing Deals and Freebies on Photography Courses and Guides


It's been a while that we brought you deals and freebies from around the web. Today we have for you some cool deals on photography courses and guides, not to mention some fantastic freebies too. We hope you like them.

Night Photography Unlocked – Beginner's Course

night photography udemyIn this Udemy course, professional photographer Neil Creek will teach you how to take sharp photographs in low light or at night. You will learn the limitations of shooting at night and how to overcome them. There are also tips on specific night situations like dusk landscapes, cityscapes, fireworks and more. The instructor shares his workflow and processing tips as well.
Price:  $49   $24  (51% off)

Creative Photography

creative photography craftsyPhotographer George Lange shares his tips and techniques through this course that will inspire you to capture dynamic images and transform everyday surroundings into compelling shots with props and using unexpected angles. You will learn how to capture little details to reveal tenderness and spontaneity to capture your subject's character.
Price:  $59.99   $44.99  (25% off)

Photoshop – High End Beauty Retouching

photo retouching udemyIn this beauty retouching course, you will get to know complete portrait retouching workflow to completely transform your photographs. From basic skin retouching techniques to the advanced ones like light control, dodging, burning, and selective retouching, the course will provide you with enough knowledge to make you a master of the craft.
Price:  $60   $30  (50% off)

Rabari – Encounters with the Nomadic Tribe

rabari 25 6Award winning photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich shows you how to take your travel photography to the next level. If you have crossed the beginner's phase, and looking for more inspiration, this course provides plenty of it by explaining to you in detail how some of Mitchell's best shots were conceived, shot and produced.
Price:  $24.95   $19.95  (20% off)

iPhone Photography Secrets

iphone photography secrets udemyThis course on iPhoneography, with more than 8 hours of course content, is a detailed one, to say the least. It covers every aspect of photographing with your iPhone, from getting the best out of your camera to utilizing the best photo apps to create stunning shots. Everything is demonstrated clearly and in a manner very easy to understand.
Price:  $39   $19  (51%)


Three-Point Lighting

3 point lightingThe secret to beautiful photography lies in lighting. While natural light can be used to great effect, you can also produce really stunning shots with artificial lighting. This free guide covers the fundamentals of three-point lighting which is used in three-dimensional artistry all over the world. It explains all the lighting terminology too.

The Art and Business of High-End Retouching

high end retouchingIn this live class, professional image retoucher Pratik Naik will show you how to retouch images in less time. You will also learn the business and marketing side of retouching – from working with clients to branding opportunities. The class will feature a live photo shoot and show you how photographers and retouchers can work together. The live class runs on June 26-28, 9AM-4PM (Los Angeles time)

Basic Digital Art Course

basic digital artWell, this course isn't limited to just photography. In fact, it's not related to photography explicitly. It is more about using the digital technology to create various art forms – music production, artful videos, animated GIFs, and image editing. Stefanie Jeske, a freelance artist from Berlin, is the course instructor.

Enhancing Eyes in Lightroom

eye enhancing guideEyes are what makes an interesting portrait interesting. It doesn't come as a surprise that most portrait composition techniques focus around eyes (no pun intended). In this video tutorial, you will learn how to enhance eyes in Lightroom – accentuating the iris, deepening the pupils, and adding (or subtracting) highlights.

The Camera Buying Guide

camera buying guideWe've all been through it. It can be tough choosing a camera, more so these days when there are new camera releases so often. It can get confusing for someone buying his first camera. This free eBook serves as a great guide to decide which camera best suits your needs. The guide covers everything – the types of cameras, various brands, lenses and accessories.

Bicycle Touring Photography

bicycle touring photographyThis is a unique eBook in that it combines bicycle touring with photography. Written by Paul Jeurissen, it uses the travels of a bike touring couple (the author and his wife Grace Johnson) as a backdrop to impart photography lessons on composition and techniques. If you like cycling and photography, you are going to love this one.


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