15 Random Photos for Inspiration


What inspires us to shoot is as varied as every snowflake that falls, and this collection contains a little something for everyone.  If you've hit the equivalent of writer's block in photography, hopefully these fifteen photos will help get you back in the mood to look through your lens and capture something truly amazing.

Let there be light

By Christolakis

Photo By Rahul

Can House at Nettleton's First Shaft

Photo By Garry – www.visionandimagination.com

El buey

Photo By Eduardo Amorim

Flying Milk

Photo By Chaval Brasil

Photo By paul (dex)

E = m c²  [Explored]

Photo By Sprengben [why not get a friend]

Sunset Cruise

Photo By ecstaticist


Photo By Brujo+

A lone tree is a monument to its tenacity to survive against all odds

Photo By Garry – www.visionandimagination.com

Clorindo Kafka

Photo By Celeste


Photo By marcomagrini

A Perfect Morning

Photo By Extra Medium

Stone bridge

Photo by Sergio Tudella

Storming over Two Trees

Photo by Wink

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is a professional photographer. See his site at Mike Panic Photography.

I agree with Craig above. I am a novice photographer, but getting more seriously involved in it in past few months. It has been remarkable how many photographic opportunities birds present, either in my garden or out in the beautiful Northern California countryside.

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