19 Emotive Images Using Negative Space


In June we focused on composing with negative space, and how powerful it can be to sometimes pull back as opposed to always filling the frame.  In this article, we'll share 19 images utilizing the negative space technique and showcase how it can be used to bring out emotions and feelings.

Mostly focusing around people, including negative space for photographers for some reason tends to lead to the overall photo having some lingering emotion.  It can often include despair, loneliness, abandonment, anger, rage and sorrow, although happiness and joyfulness often do appear, not nearly as prevalent though.

Enjoy this series of photos, and take note that most also follow the rule of thirds to help incorporate the negative space into the final image.

Having a walk

Photo by Paco CT


Photo by Caro Spark

late night me

Photo by [phil h]

Negative Spaceman

Photo by karlequin

Man on Beach in Santa Cruz

Photo by fangleman

Day off - 48/365

Photo by foshydog


Photo by *¦·?????d·¦*


Photo by Tiagø Ribeiro


Photo by cryptic_star

I wish I was invisible

Photo by pianetatschai

[negative space]

Photo by Mai An Hoa

Thine eye

Photo by angel_shark

Scrunched up face[Day216]*

Photo by Chapendra

Day 325: The Double Cosby

Photo by unclefuz

SamTribble_Hitman_Final copy

Photo by ttstam

but we get back up

Photo by kelby93

Little Dreams

Photo by Yogendra174


Photo by Luke Stearns

stripes & space

Photo by Stitch

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