Macro on a Budget, Protecting You Images from the Recent Cyber Attack, Shooting F1 on a Century Old Camera and more….


The photography world has been in overdrive this past weekend with tutorials, gear reveals and some amazing images so grab a cup of coffee and spend the next 10 minutes getting up to speed!

How to do macro photography on a budget and with a kit lens 
If you'd like to explore macro photography and you're not willing to invest thousands of dollars in professional macro lenses, photographer Adam Kappa has quite an affordable solution.
Snapchat Kills Profits & Instagram Kills Bots 
On the day of Snapchat's IPO we saw it trading at $24 a share, which increased its initial evaluation of $24 billion to $33 billion with a capital ‘B', making it the biggest social media…
Beware of the Recent Cyberattack and Protect Your Photo Archive
Yesterday a cyber attack hit corporations, governments, organizations, and home users as well, and according to the press, it keeps spreading around the globe.  
Better Skies Set
Give your skies an edge with these Lightroom presets.
Canon in Active Development of EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS [CR2]
By Canon Rumors | May 13, 2017 We're told that Canon continues active development of an EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS.  
The Photographer Who Shoots F1 with a 1913 Camera
There are many photographers covering the hugely popular world of Formula One racing, but none of them shoot it quite like Joshua Paul of Lollipop Magazine. 
Apple Just Launched a Site for iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks
Apple wants to train you to be a master of iPhone photography. The company just launched a new microsite called ” How to Shoot on iPhone 7″ that contains 16 videos.
The Essential Budget Portrait Kit: Nikon Photographer
Similarly to Canon, Nikon has been near the top of the photography market for some time and as such, it's always a popular choice for new photographers.
Behind the Scenes From a One Light Portrait Shoot
Scott Kelby's tutorials are always worth watching and are always hugely popular.
Silhouette Photography Tips and Tutorial
Normally when you take a photo, you want the subject to be as crisp and clear as possible. However, today, we'll talk about a technique that hides almost everything from the viewer.
5 Photographers Creating Spectacular Images of the World From Above
Sometimes the best photographs come from simply looking at the world from a different perspective. The five photographers featured below have all taken this sentiment to daring heights.
Wanna see the world`s first images shot on the new Sony BW 101 MP Sensor?
Phase One announced a new $49,000 Back and it has something very special: A new Black and White 101 Megapixel sensor made by Sony. And I bet you would like to see what kind of images you can get…
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