21 Clever Uses of Geometric Patterns in Photography


When I started to put this article together I knew two things were going to dominate the subject matter.  Architecture and lighting / shadows.  Properly photographed architecture is an art unto itself, doing so that showcases the unique aspects of a building, or portions of a building really takes your breath away.  Same thing can be said about light and how shadows have a direct impact on it.  Framing these photos it's hard to say if the photographers goal was to showcase geometric patterns as the primary focal point, but they sure did a great job of it.

koyaanisqatsi patchwork

Photo by alvazer

Atomic Stairs (Escalier atomique)

Photo by gilderic

I Can Gather All the News I Need on the Weather Report

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Let Me Fall Into the Dream of the Astronaut

Photo by Thomas Hawk

il buco nero [stairs in lecce, salento, puglia, italia, italy]

Photo by Paolo Margari

il mondo è fatto a scale [stairs in lecce, salento, italy]

Photo by Paolo Margari

Dark sky ferris wheel

Photo by Jasmic


Photo by Georgios Karamanis

Le Grand 8 (0+0=8)

Photo by gilderic


Photo by svenwerk

Photo by Naveen Annam

The fishing net

Photo by gilderic

minima minimalia

Photo by DanielaNob

3D "Peaks" tessellation technique, in progress

Photo by EricGjerde

two things

Photo by Darwin Bell

Time Tangents

Photo by gilderic

Homage to Jean-Claude

Photo by EricGjerde

Alone in Geometry

Photo by tochis

2005-02-01 Between and betwixt geometries, Antigua

Photo by [ henning ]

Photo by Mithul Varshan/


Photo by alefbetac

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Intriguing images and patterns- you have a beautiful site. I plan to feature this site on my 2nd Five Photos Project, coming in June.

Great post, I’ve always loved different photographs that include geometric pattens or shapes to create visual interest. Its funny how often we all miss these types of patterns in day to day life until we have a camera in hand.

I gave a shout out to 11 photographers who used geometric patterns and shapes to create cool photos on this blog post:

Thanks again for the great post!

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